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Welcome in 3D Jewlery

Welcome in 3D Jewlery

VMV Platinum s.r.o., as a superior custom made Platinum and Gold Jewelry Manufacturer and wholesaler, introduces the most modern 3D jewelry design studio - CounterSketch Studio to the Central European jewelry markets through Exclusive partnership with most reliable US Jewerly Wholesale and Manufaturer Stuller Inc. and the Gemvision Inc..

The 3D Jewelry is a combination of art and the latest technology. This award winning design studio gives our clients unprecedented so far, fantastic and superior creative control over the entire process of designing and production of their unique jewelry masterpiece. Your and also our greatest advantage is that using our 3D jewelry studio you do not just browse and choose jewels - you are helping to create them! We specialize in rings of all kinds, we design Starting Point Invetory designs, which you can customize according to your tastes. With our breakthrough 3D software of the future, we will enable you to see the design on the screen, and customize it easily in real-time into your unique jewelry masterpiece. After you are satisfied with your design, we will custom-made it just for you. YOU ARE THE BEST DESIGNER OF YOUR JEWELS.

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